Ethical Practise

We strive for ethical practise and while we're not yet fully sustainable we are committed to do as much as we can to limit environmental impact. Wherever possible we are embracing sustainable materials and methods. We also make sure we fully understand our production process to ensure it's fair and considerate to everyone in the supply chain. Being ethical isn't about making purely cost driven decisions, our prices reflect the quality of our materials and nature of our production process. We're a slow fashion company, our focus is creating unique and beautiful pieces that will last beyond the season to be a treasured and timeless favourite.


Our sweatshirts are a blend of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled polyester creating super soft and sustainable sweats. Organic cotton doesn't use pesticides or fertilizers (98% less impact on water pollution) and it uses 91% less water and creates 46% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than regular cotton. Recycled polyester utilises preused materials helping reduce the need for landfill and has a much lower environmental impact than standard poly. Our supplier works closely with the Fair Wear Foundation ensuring best practises across production. Our embellishments are worked at a local artisan embroidery house, the St Mawgan Embroidery Company, using natural materials where possible. We hand finish each sweatshirt with a branded sequin from the Sustainable Sequin Company. We create pre order limited runs avoiding over stocking and wastage.

Our Packaging

Our packaging has been created with sustainability at the forefront. Our sweatshirts are packaged into perfectly sized boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard. The box is unbranded to encourage reuse and is fully recyclable. Our boxes come with a 100% recycled and fully recyclable paper sleeve. For shipping we use a fully recyclable heavy duty paper mailing envelope to ensure your items reach you safely.